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Check out what pro skaters from the UPRISING skateboarding TV show are saying about Lion Heart and Alessio, a Christian skateboarding fiction book  for kids ages 8-12….

Book One Endorsements

skateboarding fiction endorsers

In this book it’s amazing how God intervenes through a dream to connect with a child. I believe God can use this book to inspire children of all ages to seek God and discover their dreams as well as God’s dreams for them. This is much needed in literature for young people in this day and age. Children are dreamers and we need to give them something to dream about . . . and that’s living for the Lord Jesus Christ.
—Christian Hosoi
Legendary professional skateboarder & evangelist

I cannot imagine anyone not liking this book. Jesus and skateboarding. It’s real.
—Jay Haizlip
Skateboarder & pastor

In this day and age with books all about this, and all about that, one thing has to be central for me to even consider a read, let alone recommend it to someone. Christ has to be central! In just one chapter as I encountered Jed, Mak, and their love for skateboarding, I was more than excited to see God’s fabulous work through His One and Only Son boldly and beautifully presented as really He is. Jesus and skateboarding? Need I say more?
—Brian Sumner
Professional skateboarder

Book Two Endorsements

The Lion Heart and Alessio adventures cleverly combine the hilarious with the miraculous. As Mak and Jed enthusiastically embrace three more God-given missions they will tickle your funny bone and touch your soul. Expect rollicking family fun. This marvelous series deserves to become a classic. Any age will want to read it over and over.
—Suzanne Field
Author of The Painted Table, Thomas Nelson Publishers

It is with a humble and excited heart that I encourage boys and girls of all ages to read this beautiful story about two boys and their family’s wonderful journey with God. The whimsical cast of characters and their personal encounters with Christ, through the Holy Spirit, will inspire strong family values and relationship with God.

As a former pitcher in the Red Sox organization (1979-1985) I can appreciate the author’s use of baseball metaphors and authentic Boston accents within the dialogue. To say the least, Chapman hit one “outta the pahk” with this book! Megan is a gifted storyteller who has a unique way of describing a setting. I was able to see, smell, and feel each scene as she carried me through the story.

Although humor is a mainstay, the impactful moments will make you stop and think about how Christ works in your life. She is able to communicate biblical truth wrapped up in a fun adventure filled with sports and recreation for the whole family. So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the ride!
—Kevin Kane
1st round draft choice 1979, Boston Red Sox

As a homeschooling mother and wife of a pastor, I am thrilled to find books that not only capture my daughter’s interest but also reinforce the culture of faith we are trying to develop in our home. In such a fun and unique way, the characters in Lion Heart and Alessio show what a daring life of following God looks like. My 7-year old daughter is able to identify with Jed and Mak and could hardly wait to start this second installment after finishing the first. She says, “I love all the adventure! I can’t put it down. It’s so good!”
—Sara Burns
Ministry Leader, Homeschool Mom

Book Three Endorsements

I enjoyed getting to know the characters and joining them on their fantastic adventures. Megan Chapman uses out of the ordinary fantasy to engage young readers and convey biblical truths. More than just kid’s fiction; Mission Goodness & Faithfulness touches on some tough topics for parents to discuss with their children. 

 Megan’s book could actually be an intentional tool in leading children to understand certain dangers, trappings of the enemy and how trusting in God and obeying His word, leads to victory and the life He intended for us. Starting off each chapter with Scripture provides parents with the possibility of making this an evening devotional time to tackle sensitive topics that are a part of our fallen world. 
—Karen Boss
Children’s Ministry Director
Living Stones Church, Kona, HI
Co-founder and Director of Kona Kid’s Outreach
Sharing Hope, Making Heroes

The story is about two typical boys named Jed and Mak, who through Christ become extraordinary heroes. I appreciated how the author weaved Bible verses into the book that connect with the plot. As a young avid reader, I couldn’t put the book down. Her writing has unique charm and I enjoyed the lighthearted skater language throughout the series.

At a camp for troubled girls, I am trying to grasp God’s faithful love. And after reading this book, it was easy to do. What I appreciate most are the challenges Jed and Mak face, always persevering with God on their side. So curl up with your favorite blanket, grab a snack, and enjoy!
—Kayla Schrock, Age 15
Wilderness Way Girl’s Camp

First of all, I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE this series! This book perfectly combines reality with God’s supernatural power. I’m sure everybody will be able to relate to at least one of the very diverse family members of Jed and Mak, and will be able to clearly identify with what they are going through. This book is sure to inspire, bring hope, and show everyone Jesus’ love.

Buckle up because this is filled to the brim with laughs and fun! MAY HIS SPIRIT BE WITH YOU!!!
—Keaka Vasconcellos
6th Grader, Age 11
The Learning Center, YWAM (Youth with a Mission)
University of the Nations

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