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Behind the Scenes

So here’s the inside scoop on Lion Heart and Alessio: The Victory Ride and how it started…

Put on your sword, O mighty warrior! You are so glorious, so majestic! In your majesty, ride out to victory, defending truth, humility, and justice. Go forth to perform awe-inspiring deeds!      PSALM 45:3-4, NLT

The Lion Heart and Alessio Project began in 2007 when I was going through some health challenges. It was a difficult time because I wasn’t able to teach my fitness or dance classes—or run a design business. It seemed as though every door in my life had been closed as far as work was concerned. But as a right brainer, I’d lose my mind if I wasn’t creating something. Long story short, I was inspired to write a book for my family to encourage them about flying in God’s power. In other words, encourage them (and me) not just to believe in God but to be the fearless warriors He created us to be. That’s where the idea for two superheroes flying on their skateboards was born.

YWAM Writers Workshop 2011 with Brock & Bodie TheoneI always enjoyed creative writing in school but never called myself a writer or aspired to be an author. But then a friend invited me to a writers group at the University of the Nations where I also attended several writing workshops. The group encouraged me to pursue publishing, and within three-and-a-half years, the little book for my family developed into a series of novels.

Lion Heart and Alessio Jewelry PartyAs a newbie to the writing world, I knew it would be hard to be recognized and taken seriously as an author, so I hired an agent who recommended a publisher that was a perfect fit for LH&A. And in order to raise money for illustration and marketing the project, I made jewelry—lots of it. Then friends and family helped host parties. I also had support through financial donations from people who really believed in the book.

It has been a huge group effort – and has been far from easy. But I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along this journey!

Check out the cover illustration process by Julie Bergeron.

Lion Heart and Alessio Preliminary Sketch

Preliminary Sketch 1

Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 2

Adding Paint 2

Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 3


Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 4


Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 5


Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 6


Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 7


Lion Heart and Alessio Adding Paint 8


Lion Heart and Alessio Final Cover 9

Final Cover 9

illustrator Julie Bergeron, Lion Heart and Alessio book launching party

Meeting my illustrator, Julie Bergeron, for the first time at my LH&A book launching party.

Book Two Cover Art by Julie Bergeron

Lion Heart and Alessio, The Victory Ride Book Two

Book Three Cover Art by Julie Bergeron

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