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Goût de France – Lavender Honey Butter

 Lavender Honey Butter

While in Provence, we picked up two small jars of French lavender honey to give away as gifts when we returned home to Hawaii. But they never made it to our friends. The thick golden nectar of lavender love didn’t have a chance after I experimented one day and mixed it with butter. I was making my Spring Veal Stew for a dinner party and wanted something special to serve with French bread. I thought the sweetness  of the honey would pair well with the stew. And it did. So voila! Lavender Honey Butter was born.

I recommend using Miel De Lavande but if you’re in a pinch you can substitute with another raw local honey that you like. Spread the Lavender Honey Butter on bread, biscuits, rolls, or muffins. Bon Appetit!

Lavender Honey Butter Ingredients

Lavender Honey

1/4 cup or more to taste of Miel De Lavande

4 oz. or one stick of softened butter (I prefer salted butter)

Lavender Honey Butter Directions

Bring butter to room temperature so that it’s soft enough to mix. Add honey and mix together. Stores in fridge for several weeks.

Lavender Honey Butter

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