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Here’s what some readers are saying about Lion Heart and Alessio, a children’s Christian fiction book….

Megan’s writing certainly relates well to her audience. She is able to communicate strong Christian truths through a story that youth find appealing and exciting. It causes students to think about what they can do to impact the world for Jesus.
—Karen Henriksen
Admissions Director, Academy at Foxborough

Clever, contemporary, compelling. Powerful biblical message told in today’s sports vernacular. Megan has a gifted ear for colorful dialogue and comic situations.
—Jean M. Hartley
Director of Disabled Adventures Hawaii

Megan Chapman is the most creative writer! Her plots are packed with surprises and her dialogue is laugh out loud funny. She’s got the whole skateboarding thing DOWN! Kids are gonna love reading about these charming characters! Shoot! Adults will too! Highly entertaining but packed with wisdom and truth too. This book is the total package!
—Shirley Walston Carroll, WA
Author of Kristal’s Wedding
Owner of The Communications Chick editorial business

The Victory Ride is nothing short of high air in the half-pipe for boarders— but even if you don’t know a switch stand from a kickflip, Megan Chapman’s zany LOL cleverness mixes with poignancy to land it a fun read for all—and a best seller! Its message is no fakie either!
—Suzanne Field, KC
Author of The Painted Table

In “The Victory Ride,” Megan Chapman introduces readers to the winsome duo, Lion Heart and Alessio, in an adventure that is fun, fast, and full of Jesus. It’s a well written tale in which the supernatural flows naturally and  the plot moves smoothly, resolving most of the questions that keep the reader turning the pages. The only question with which she leaves readers struggling: “When will the sequel be released?”
—Bill Barley
Senior Pastor, Living Stones Church

What a fun, delightful read for preteens! The characters and their adventures were exciting and most importantly, loved God. I highly recommend this book.
—Nancy Begley
Principal, Kona Christian Academy

Having been youth leaders for over forty years we feel this books approach in presenting the gospel to tweens is exactly what is needed in todays world.
—Ron and Pat Worrell
Youth Group Leaders

I have had the pleasure of reading Lion Heart and Alessio: The Victory Ride with my fifth grade class this past year. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted (and Lionhearted) adventure with strong moral themes. This is a book that makes you think about faith while engrossing you in a story filled with colorful characters, including the title duo, a pair of very likable and memorable young lads. It is a story of faith and hope and of courage and conviction. Without giving anything away, I will say that I so totally am looking forward to the next rad adventure with these dudes!
—Jon-Eric Nissen
Fifth Grade Teacher, Haili Christian School
Hilo, Hawaii

Children’s Christian Fiction-Student Reviews of LH&A

Children's Christian Fiction

Hi! I’m a 5th grader from a school you visited a week ago. I’m from Kona Christian Academy. I just wanted to say thanks for coming! I gave you a great review on You made an awesome book. I love it. I can’t stop reading it. I hope to read the 2nd one soon! I love your book. It gives me joy to read it. It really makes me excited about God. Especially when Jed meets Jesus. It was awesome!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much for coming and reading to us. Your biggest Fan,Trenton. P.S. May His spirit b with u 2!!!! 🙂 
—Trenton, Kona Christian Academy

I love ze book and Wolfram. U came 2 our skool. Thank u again 4 comin to our skool! P.S. I ♥ ze book and I can’t wait 2 read ze next book!!!! U are ze best author in ze world!
— Victoria, age 9, the Academy at Foxboro

We read your book and we loved it. I can’t wait to hear the next book 🙂 I thought it sounded cool when the battle of the discerning spirits happened. I love that part. I love the characters: Auntie Mae, Jed, Mak, Uncle Hap, Ruthie, Roxy, and Quicksilver. Those are my favorite characters! You are the best book writer EVER!!!! P.S. I enjoyed your visit in November.
—Emily, age 9, the Academy at Foxboro

My favorite part was when Jesus visited Jed. We loved it. Thank you for coming!
—Jalen, age 10, the Academy at Foxboro

I really liked the book! I want to read other books you made! Thank you for coming here! My favorite part was when they tried to fly. It was really funny!
—Jaiden, age 9, the Academy at Foxboro

My favorite part was how Jesus was like Jed. And my favorite character is Roxy.
—Chloe, age 9, the Academy at Foxboro

I cannot wait to read the next book 🙂 and my favorite part is when Jesus gave Jed his gift of discerning between spirits.
—Sabrina, age 9, the Academy at Foxboro

This book is great for kids. I am 12 which is on the older side and i still loved it! The book is humorous and really lets you come to know God. I think kids will really be able to relate to the story with either skateboarding or how their family acts.This was a great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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